Quality Project Support

Our business is not just market research for clients, rather it is fully comprehensive in its service where the company will be foremost focused on analysis, compliance, credentialing, systems and procedures all based firmly in a risk perspective format. We not only assist our clients to establish in Philippines we do so regionally in South East Asia Pacific. We act to review and analyse their inward direct investments and locally, covering also the cross border outward direct transfer pricing related to their industry sectors.
Our team is made up of Corporate lawyer – acquisition and contract law; Corporate Secretary services; Project accountant and book keepers; Project managers and site managers, we also retain the services of outside law firms, auditors and valuers. AICA does not enter into investments with clients, neither does it take interest in any equity of any clients projects and remain always independent.

Our quality, transparency and value of services is seen through the following services;

  • All statutory requirements to establish company, branch office, subsidiary etc.
  • Bank account referrals.
  • Complete turnkey temporary or full time office establishment.
  • Expat assistance and compliance.
  • On site store or retail price identification research.
  • Commercial intelligence – market and industry research.
  • Commercial intelligence – mergers & acquisitions.
  • Independent committee assessment certification on newco business systems and operating standards.
  • Independent committee assessment certification on newco transfer pricing statement and policies.
  • Project quantative estimating / survey.
  • Project cost estimating.
  • Conducting of bidding processes.
  • Purchase order scheduling.
  • Authorised by Co. to make applications with official departments.
  • Corporate logistics, in country travel for visiting foreign co investors.
  • Commercial intelligence – localised or national political & country risk.
  • Independent committee assessment certification on aml.cft, pep.
  • Domestic lawyers, accountant and other referrals.